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National Chairmen 2022-2025

A&H Schools (Crossnore/Hillside) - Lynn Alexander

Bylaws - Kathy Carey

"Broadside" Editor - Leslie V. Richards

Cathedral of the Pines - Susan Conant Holden (Mrs.)

Court Revitalization - Leslie V. Richards

Finance - B. A. Church

Founders Scholarship - Sharyn "Shari" Dianne Kelley Worrell (Mrs.)

History & Lineage Book XIX - Grace Smith

History of NSWDAHAC - Nancy Barbeau Cobos (Mrs. Dean Forrester)

Howe ROTC Scholarship Fund - Polly Kimmitt

Insignia - Patricia Gallagher

Liaison with Faneuil Hall - Gail Thomas

Membership - Karen Janczy

National Directory - Sheila Brady and Margaret Stromberg

Pages - Aisha Jenkins

President National Handbook - Kathy Carey and Jeannine Kallal

President National Project - Deb Brownell

Printed Supplies - Sue Brenchley

Rendezvous - Anne Henninger

Registration, Reservations & Credentials - Maureen Dearborn

Service to Veterans - Suzann Smith

Webmaster - Allison Loudon Hoopes

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