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Court Presidents


Any women of 18 years and over who is lineally descended from a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts between the years of 1637 and 1774; or from a member of the General Court of 1638 (which confirmed Order for the Military Company) comprising the Governor, the Governor's Council and Deputies to the General Court: or from a member of the Clergy who preached the Annual election Sermon (1638-1774), is eligible to membership in this Society providing she meets the requirements as set forth in Article IV.

Admission to membership in the national Society shall be by invitation of the President national or of a Court President and with the endorsement of two members in good standing. Membership may be within a Court or as a member-at-large.  Details will be provided upon application.

Please contact the state courts below, but if no email address is available or there is no state court in your area, please click this link: WDAHAC


Each Court shall hold an annual meeting and is urged to hold two other meetings a year. The purpose of the annual meeting is to elect delegates and alternates to the Annual Rendezvous of the National Society, held in Washington D.C. in the month of April



California Court of Assistants  

President: Joan Bogaty

Colorado Court of Assistants: 

President: Anne Skinner


Connecticut Court of Assistants
President: Kelly Kates Davis


District of Columbia Court of Assistants 
President: Melissa Lynn Barrett

Florida Court of Assistants
President: Beverly Markey Gentry


Illinois Court of Assistants  
President: Linda Mizell


Indiana Court of Assistants
President: Mrs. Allen Lewis Stout (Cynthia)

Maine Court of Assistants
President: Lorraine Wright Tanguay


Massachusetts Court of Assistants
President: Gail Ann Thomas


Michigan Court of Assistants
President: Cheryl Garnsey Gawne


Missouri Court of Assistants
President: Leslie V. Richards


New Mexico Court of Assistants
President: Majel Fritz Powell


Ohio Court of Assistants
President Rebekah Malone


Oklahoma Court of Assistants
President: Elizabeth Ann Ash Hays


South Carolina Court of Assistants
President: Henrietta Rousson Morton


Texas Court of Assistants
President: Ann S Ford


Virginia Court of Assistants
President: Margaret Stromberg

Washington Court of Assistants

President: Janice B Heckethorne

Please forward all updates and changes directly to the Webmaster.

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